Mâcon Symphonies

The Mâcon Symphonies association was created on December 9, 1993. Its aim is to promote young musical talent and support the lyrical and symphonic repertoire. To this end, it organizes a number of events in the city of Mâcon: concerts throughout the year, a festival dedicated to the vocal arts and the Mâcon International Opera and French Song Competition.

Valuing all forms of vocal art, the festival is a rich and unifying event where professional and amateur artists meet.

The program features professional singers and ensembles in fascinating concerts, and dedicates a special moment to amateur practices during the Polyphonies d’automne, with local choirs.

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Membership of Mâcon Symphonies enables you to support the association while enjoying benefits such as reduced rates for concerts organized by the association, and personal invitations to conferences and meetings with artists.

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